Team Training Environments


When training large groups of people, it is sometimes preferable to establish a dedicated corporate training environment; these environments are completely partitioned from open enrollment programs, as well as other dedicated team training environments within the Pull Plan Academy. Dedicated environments provide you with the flexibility to manage content access, establish collaborative groups, and enable teams to post freely about current projects, initiatives, and challenges. 

How it Works 

We take care of the setup; all you need to do is make the request. Here are some points to note:

  • Setup time: Ranges from 2 - 5 business days, dependent upon requirements
  • Cost of setup: $2,500 USD. This fee includes:
    • Setup of environment
    • Setup of 1 client administrator account
    • Setup of 2 company groups
    • Internal platform customization with company logo
    • Integration of Pull Plan Academy on-demand courses
    • 1-hour virtual platform navigation demonstration
  • Note: The setup fee for private training environments is additional to the cost of annual Academy user subscriptions. 


Additional Benefits

We give you even more perks when you establish a private training environment within the Pull Plan Academy:

  • Embeddable html login widget
  • Web-based e-learning accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Mobile learning application so your employees can learn on the go
  • Company wikis
  • No maintenance system - our experts take care of the technical details
  • Access to technical support - Need help? We're here to assist 


Ready to Go?

Great! Let's get started. Just reach out to us at