Meet Our Team

Our instructors are some of the best in the industry. Touting decades of field experience, they haven't just implemented best practices and technology solutions; some of them have been directly involved in the development and iterations of new and innovative industry processes and procedures. Their academic backgrounds combined with hands-on project implementation experience enables them to seamlessly bridge theory and practice, thereby providing students with a robust and practical learning experience. 


Tannis Liviniuk, MBA


Tannis began her career in construction working in the field. Spending over 10 years wearing out steel-toed boots, she has accumulated a wealth of hands-on experience in the intricacies of construction project delivery. 


Proceeding her on-site experience, Tannis has worked with some of the largest and most respected facility owner, engineering, and construction organizations globally to optimize processes, educate and train project teams, and deploy new technologies. She is a subject matter expert in Lean and Advanced Work Packaging. 

Tannis is an active industry advancement advocate. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Houston and for the Construction Industry Institute (CII) at the University of Texas at Austin. She has been a member of the COAA Advanced Work Packaging committee since 2009 and is the co-chair of the AWP Return on Investment research project. Tannis speaks at industry conferences globally on topics of Lean, Advanced Work Packaging, industry innovation, organizational culture change, technology, and advancing opportunities for women in construction. 


Tannis has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and is certified in project management by Stanford University's Center for Professional Development. 





Tylor Ell, CET


Tylor began his career in the industry working on a variety of projects in extreme and remote climates. Working directly with contractor field execution teams, Tylor gained hands-on experience in the intricacies of successfully planning, executing, and delivering complex construction projects. 


Mr. Ell has since gone on to coordinate and manage the delivery of individual projects and broad portfolios with Client facility owner teams. Tylor led the execution team with Cenovus Energy at the Foster Creek plant for over 7 years; during his tenure, he was able to reduce contract claims by 99%, reduce field scope by 60%, and improve production capacity while improving health, safety and environmental performance across the well delivery portfolio.


Tylor consults with industry organizations globally to aid teams in improving project delivery performance through the deployment of best practices, technology, and innovation programs. He also develops and delivers industry-leading educational programs to support project teams in their program advancement initiatives. 


Tylor is a Certified Engineering Technologist in good standing with ASET.






Andreas Phelps, Ph.D


Andreas is principal and founder of The Collective Potential, a San Francisco-based practice that serves as a catalyst for change in teams and organizations.   The Collective Potential drives change by enabling: 1) project-based learning, 2) development of high potentials into master integrators, and 3) strategic transformation of organizations focused on lean delivery and continuous improvement.


Andreas’ background in construction over the last 16 years is wide and varied.  He started his career working with building science, design, construction administration, and failures investigation for exterior cladding systems.  This gave him a unique and holistic perspective of how complex systems are designed, constructed, and perform. This type of integrated systems thinking also served as a basis for his graduate studies which tied together organizational behavior, management science, and information technology to understand optimized information flow in complex teams. This research served as the foundation for his more recent work with understanding and proactively managing the social, technical, and technological aspects of complex project teams and complex organizations to enable greater productivity and innovation. He has also has published a book related to knowledge management and lean information flow entitled "The Collective Potential: A Holistic Approach to Managing Information Flow in Collaborative Design and Construction Environments."