Blended Learning

Practical Programs | Expert Instructors

Pull Plan Academy programs are distinguished in the market; they are developed by industry subject matter experts with significant program implementation and field experience. These industry experts don't only understand the theory of best practices; they understand how to implement them successfully. Through engaging and interactive courses, our instructors share that knowledge with course participants. 

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning programs are structured courses that are led by an instructor, while delivered completely online. Students work through a series of videos, readings, and exercises within a predetermined schedule to achieve target milestones. While there are deadlines for content completion, students have the flexibility to log in and complete exercises as their schedule permits. There are no requirements to be online or live view at a specific time. 

Our blended learning classes provide the benefit of greater instructor access and dedicated support. Further, students have the opportunity to work with course participants from other organizations around the world, which enhances learning, networking, and collaboration.